My interest in skincare started when I was a youngster playing at my mother’s dresser. Then at 17 after having had massive doses of many different drugs throughout my life for asthma, my skin developed cystic acne.    Well I paid a small fortune trying to settle my skin and at best I had no results, in some cases though my skin became more irritated and inflamed than ever.    As a teen in the 70’s, there simply wasn’t the range of gentle or natural skincare that was suitable for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.

After years of frustration, I learnt how to make my own skincare and heal my own skin.  My passion for skincare has grown from there and I have spent many years making natural skincare for friends and family. Finally, I am watching my dream unfold as I launch the Delena Skincare line where I celebrate my love of the 50s in my label design and my inspiration for affordable, natural and organic skincare products in the release of my all-in-one One & Only Facial Moisturiser.

Why Delena Skin Care?

I decided on the name Delena for our skincare line because, although I am in my mid 50’s now, I still have the same issues that I did as a teenager with cystic acne along with the same issues of women my age such as redness, dry skin, discolouration and fine lines etc. Therefore I developed Delena to suit all ages and  all skin types. Delena is a combination of my name Della and my young niece’s name Anna Lena and is pronounced “De-lean-a”

Why the Mermaid you may ask?

As a child growing up in Bundaberg during the 60’s we would spend most weekends at Bargara or one of the other wonderful beaches in the area. Christmas 1964 I received a gorgeous beach towel from Santa with this most beautiful mythical creature on it, that started my fascination with mermaids.   Plus our products contain Sea Kelp and Chondrus Crispus or Irish Moss which are full of anti-inflammatories antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which improve the skins texture and soften and hydrate the skin.   What’s not to love about the ocean?